Remitsy have established a crack team of industry experience to take on the banks, PayPal and Western Union. We’re tired of payments to China being slow and expensive, and think it’s about time that changed!

We believe businesses like yours shouldn’t be wasting money on hidden fees when making cross-border payments. Unfortunately, it’s usually difficult to figure out how much is being lost on hidden fees and dodgy exchange rates. Despite all the advances in technology, transparency is still rare in the international payment industry.

We’re here to change that.

The Team

Richard Bensberg, CEO

  • Industry expert in transactional compliance and the blockchain
  • Former CEO of C6 Intelligence, senior management positions at OKCoin and Control Risks
  • 15 years experience in China


Neil Woodfine, COO

  • Expertise in China export and manufacturing
  • Led international BD and managed key corporate accounts at OKCoin
  • 12 years experience in China


Leo Campbell, CTO

  • Ruby on Rails & bitcoin/blockchain full-stack developer
  • Previously CTO at bitcoin micro-transaction startup Protip
  • Meticulous test-based approach to software development


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Neil Woodfine

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